Cannabis Review – Zombie Haze: A no-brainer.

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Maybe I WANTED brain death, but …

Zombie has quite the opposite effect.  It’s like a light being turned on in your head – and you’re far from stupefied!

More like ‘brain on’ than brain-dead!


Zombie Haze is a complicated blend of Sativas and Indicas, containing strains from – well, pretty much everywhere, actually.



As a plant it grows big, and as it’s design is more for the production of THC than CBD you’re looking at around 22% and .42% respectively.

Our friends at zamnesia have a wonderfully full detail sheet – pop over and see them if you want to know more about the strain and its’ genetics.


First Impressions

It’s been around for a while, but I must admit that I haven’t experienced these leafs  before.  Not surprising, it simply hasn’t been on the menu of a much frequented Coffeeshop until now.  My Patron popped a gram into a bag for me and set me up with a good cuppa Joe while I wrote this review.

Crystals Galore!

It’s leafy enough to say the least, and features a mix of dark and midtone greens interspersed with a plentiful splash of sandy orange trichomes.  Even on shitty images like I make, it’s easy to see the abundance of potent white crystals nestling on top of and inside of the flower.  It LOOKS powerful, and that’s always a good starting point.

Aromatically – well, that’s tricky.  A little skunky when it first hits your nose, but then you’ll start picking up some other familiar scents; the earthyness of Amnesia Haze, the cheesiness of a Bhudda strain – but always a soft fruity tang.  Inhale it from the bag.  It’s as good as sniffing coffee!

1/6th gram of Zombie, ready to grind

In the Grinder

It’s a good fill.  My Zombie came in quite a dry state – not something I object to; after all, water weighs heavy, and I’d rather be buying leaf than liquid!

I found that 1/6th gram per fill was well enough to provide the desired effect.

Once ground the leafy material was quite powdery, but not particularly well distributed.  That can of course be an issue when it comes to spliff-building, but of course for vaporising purposes it made no difference.


Dosing and Effect

It is a fairly potent strain; Zombie Haze can weigh in better than 20%, so for a psychoactive buzz you won’t need to stretch your budget.  Not the cheapest strain, though, so economy is helped by the sheer power 1/6th gram can supply.

Like I mentioned earlier, Zombie Haze WON’T scrap your reality in favour of mindless flesh-

munching.  In my case an immediate enhancement of colour and a sharpening in my visual perception, followed by a sense of amusement and levity.  Zombie started off by lifting my spirits – and didn’t stop there.

Vaped at 220c (yeah, I know, a bit on the wild side for me, but – hell, there’s little medicine in there anyway so, what the hey!) Zombie Haze gave me a sense of well-being, a lighthearted mood and pushed me into a good half-hours worth of smiles.

Medicinally?  Don’t look to Zombie for pain relief.  A limited conversion of CBDa may certainly help in terms of helping your mental condition, but it was never concieved as an anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving delivery system.


At around 13Euro per gram, Zombie won’t be taking up a spot on my regular menu.  My staple diet of Amnesia Haze and White Widow slip in at 10 Euros, and even though Zombie does provide a value for money experience it’s simply not cost effective for me to consider the uptake.

But don’t get me wrong – there’s a beauty in the diversity offered by Zombie Haze that you shouldn’t miss.  Given the chance, fill your bowl with a bud or two and prepare to challenge the believe that the dead are always evil …!


Till next time,


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