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Wow.  Isn’t that what Americans say a lot?  I’d only say half that.

Blue Sherbet

It’s an American strain, and the bud I got was the genuine article, all the way from California.  I make a point of trying every imported stain if it hits the shelf in my local Coffeeshop, so when Blue Sherbet came along I couldn’t resist a bowlful.


First Impressions


Dry, crumbly, and already starting to fall apart in the small plastic box it came it.  It was obviously well-traveled – probably seen the inside of more containers than a Somali pirate.

Nevertheless, dry weed is in no way a bad idea, and sometimes it’s easier in the grinder, if you actually need one, that is.

Close in on the opened bud you can easily see the delicate trichomes, and a distinct blueness tucked inside.  It was literally dripping with crystal, and the long, thin brown leaves dropped readily from the bud while I toyed with it.  I could detect a fruity, minty aroma, not strong, but definate.

Dosage & In the Grinder

Watch out – it packs a punch.  It’s an Indica, a mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry Haze, both of which top 25% on the THC scale.  Blue Sherbet will typically give you 28%.  Now that’s potent.  CBD content is also well featured, reliably around 1%, so this combination will not only bring the benefits of anti-inflammatory and analgesic, together with comfortable cerebral effects.

I used it conservatively at first – 1/6th gram – and found the effects both pleasurable and reasonably long lasting.  Around 45 minutes of mental stimulation and physical freedom from discomfort.  A tendency for my mind to wander came in as the hit progressed, but nothing unmanageable.  However, I wouldn’t recommend this as a daytime strain, perhaps early evening or for recreation at a party.


For an expensive import (average price in the Netherlands around 25 Euro per gram) I’d expect more.  Pleasant enough, but the flavour was a little disappointing.  The high was pleasurable, as was the physical effects, but it’s parent strain Blueberry offers much the same for a far cheaper price.  Hopefully if Spanish Social clubs start growing this strain in earnest then costs will drop.

Worth a try, and I certainly won’t pass up on getting some again – if the price ever does come down.

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