Proper Decarboxylation

There’s no escaping the fact that until it’s activated, cannabis is just another leaf.  Activation is essential for turning those potent compounds into a plentiful, useable supply of psychoactive and medicinal material.

Activation involves decarboxylation.

It’s likely you’ve visited other sites to familiarise yourself with the dynamics of decarboxylation, so you’ll already know that exposing cannabis to a prescribed heat for a prescribed amount of time turns THCa into THC, and CBDa into CBD.  The amount of time and the temperature will dictate the percentage of what gets converted.

I could post up a thousand or more links that describe this process scientifically, but Google is your friend, so simply go and search ‘cannabis decarboxylation’ for more input.

2 grams ready for decarboxylation

Methods of Decarboxylation.

Honestly?  There’s only one.  The Ardent Decarboxylator.  It’s a simple device which houses a number of heating elements surrounding a silicone container.  One pops ones’ bud into it, presses the button and – waits for around 90 minutes.  The Ardent heats your weed (I measured it at a constant 115c) for that time, and during this process a hydrogen atom is stripped from the THCa in your plant material, and resultantly converts it to THC.

Ardent claim that their conversion process produces a 100% conversion.  I’ve no reason to disbelieve them; their results speak for themselves, and I’ve enjoyed many grams of decarboxylated weed as a result of buying.


Blueberry before decarboxylation
Blueberry after decarboxylation












Other websites claim excellent results with mini-cookers, boiling water baths, Crockpots.  I tried ALL them other methods, and NONE of them worked consistantly.  Before buying my Ardent I wasted around 100 grams of decent weed with baking, boiling, oiling and foiling.

Once your favourite weed is decarbed in an Ardent you’ll notice it’s become very crisp, lightly toasted, with a strong aroma, much stronger than previously.  As you’ll see from the pics above, the process really brings out the beautiful colouring inside any strain.

Thats’ it – your product is ready for use in consumables, oils, candies, extracts – you name it.

If you’re smoking – well, not much point in decarbing anything, the heat from your flame converts and combusts at the same time.  But vape-users will find a benefit in being able to vape at the lowest, coolest temperature and still get full entourage – because your compounds are already active, you just need to suck ’em out.

I’m not an advertiser or affiliate for Ardent – I’m not even putting a link to their site here.  I’ll leave the rest of it up to you, but my advice?  Go visit Ardent and see how they can help you with your wake and bake.

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