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Thinking of switching to a vape-pen?  It might be a better decision than you realise!


By now most people should be aware of the benefits of vaping over smoking, especially when it comes to cannabis.  Vapourising provides a completely different experience – in lots of cases, many different experiences.

When you ignite cannabis the heat level activates all the compounds in the leaf.  This is called the ‘full entourage’ effect, and in pretty much every case it leads to intoxication.  It’s called ‘getting stoned’.  

However, when vapourised in it’s pure state, you can control the temperature at which the compounds in the plant begin to boil.  You can selectively control the level of the effect you experience.  You’re converting THCa into active THC, and those valuable, medicinal and psychoactive compounds are being boiled so’s you can suck ’em in.

Of course you can set the temperature close to combustion point, and you’ll get the same state of intoxication as you do with smoking, but anything lower will produce progressively milder results.



A smoke has to get you stoned, but a vapouriser user is likely to understand the effect he’s looking for, so if he wants inebriation without combustion he’ll set his vape high.  If he’s using for medicinal purposes or doesn’t want to be completely ‘stoned’, it’s like he’ll vape at a much lower temperature.  In this way he can control his high.

Added Value

Once you’ve finished your vape session, you’ll be feeling pretty good about yourself, and rightly so!  However, you’ll feel a whole lot better why you discover that the bud you just vaped is still in possession of some THC and CBD.  Just how much depends on many factors, but suffice to say that – when properly used – there’s enough lift in there to provide even more of the therapy you just sucked in.  It’s called AVB (Already Vaped Bud).


You’ll never ever EVER extract every little compound from a flower.  Vapourising even at the highest temperature will leave 10-15% of it’s content behind in the bud.  And THAT’S a useful piece of knowledge.  Simply save it up in a jar, wait till you’ve got a few grams and start cooking! 

Already Vaped Bud

Now, a low vape temp gives you lots of flavour from your favorite bud, and of course, much of your desired psychoactive or medicinal hit.  Stop sucking as soon as you notice the flavour is diminishing, and just leave the pen to finish its cycle. After cooling, the THCA you DIDN’T suck out has been converted to THC – and that’s ready for extraction, or for other methods of consuption.

The resulting Already Vaped Bud will be light to mid-brown in colour, and will be crisp to the touch.  Collect up your AVB and when you’ve got a couple of grams you’ve certainly got enough for consumption.


Vaped Blueberry Haze

Yes!  It’s plant-matter – it’s edible!  Just because it’s been in a vape pen doesn’t change that.  By now it’ll have a nutty, earthy flavour, and although not everyone will find that palettable, there’s many ways to get it into your body without simply munching it up.

A bit of close up photography shows that your vaped bud still carries all the characteristics of the original bud.  I typically use a Blueberry strain, and in this snap you can easily see the AVB still features a lot of blue leaves, and an abundance of white crystals.

Lots of people use AVB as a base for edibles such as brownies, cookies, edible oils and extracts.  But the bud can be used directly.  For instance, I often powder up my AVB and put it into capsules, ready for later use.  

Powdered AVB

Of course the level of THC and CBD in Already Vaped Bud is unpredictable, to say the least.  It much depends on the strain, potency, how long it’s been in the pen and at what temperature. 


I never have a clue what my capsules contain, but I calculated a while ago that a gram of my AVB will yield on average 15mg THC.  That’s a significant saving on the cost of my daily medical care when I used that wisely.  


Preparing AVB Capsules

My favorite way of using my AVB is to turn it into capsules which I can store and use daily as a healthcare suppliment.

For instance, I find that 1 gram ABV fits into 3 x 00 gelatine capsules, if I powder it well, and that’s certainly enough to give a good pain killing quality, together with a healthy energy boost.  As I said it’s nigh-on impossible to gauge the dosage in each capsule, but it works for me.




One other tip: if you lack the luxury of a proper decarboxylator, just load your bud into your pen as usual, but cover the outlet with a bit on aluminium foil. No sucking, just decarbing. 6-8 minutes at 180 will give you about 80% of the activated THC (or CBD). If you can get as low as 140c on your pen, then 20-30 mins will give you close to 100% decarbed weed. And all from a pen! 😉

So if you’re tempted away from the flame, consider investing in a vape-pen.  I assure you, you won’t be dissapointed!

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