Decarboxylating White Widow Hash

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If you’ve read my posts you’ll get the impression I’m not a big fan of Hash.  I don’t have a problem with the effects it provides me with, but I get far more pleasure from playing with weed.

However, my local Coffeeshop has stocked some amazingly good White Widow Hash for a ridiculously low price – less that 20 euro for 5 grams.  A chance not to be sniffed at, I feel, it’s of an outstanding quality, sweet with a lemony-tang, and smooth on the lungs when vaped around 230c.  My Storm vapouriser has a handy chamber for concentrates, works great for Hash.

But vaping isn’t my goal with my buy.  Being a medicinal user I’ll regularly decarb a few grams of dried bud (again, White Widow) and powder the resulting mix into capsules, ready for daily use.  That’s predictably an expensive pursuit, but my body deserves it, and self-care takes a certain precedence in my life.


So I’m hoping to slice my monthly med-bill in half with this Hash version of my favourite all-round strain.  I’ll run it though the decarboxylation cycle with my Ardent Lift.

I’m used to my Ardent Lift Decarboxylator, I just pop-in my bud and wait 90 minutes or so for a perfect result.  But I’ve never done Hash before, so a quick mail to Ardent confirmed that the unit operates the same on Hash as it does for weed.  Their support is great, BTW.  Not only did they answer my question I got a whole list of tips from them as to how to do it best.  Good one, Ardent.

Preparing the Hash

I crumbled the block well, although I didn’t make it a powder before starting the decarb.  Experience tells me that Hash goes very sticky and leaves a heavy residue when heated, so I’m using a glass container inside the Ardent so’s that residue doesn’t stick to the silicone sleeve.

90 minutes later my Ardent shuts off and after giving the product half an hour to cool in the fridge I’m ready to see the outcome.

Much as I expected; the original light-green colouring of the Hash has been replaced by a darker shade, almost brown. Any residue from the decarboxylation process has sunk back into the hash, and it’s brittle.  Crumbles easily in the fingers though, so powdering it should be a breeze. The aroma is still strong lemon.

I got a couple of decent shots of the goods after decarbing.  Still a richness of colours mixing in with the lovely white crystals.  Makes me think that with a better powdering process than just grinding I might just be able to get them crystals out, one and all!

Nevertheless, into my good old Pestle & Mortar, and the 5 grams (which eventually weighed in at just over 4.5, BTW) powdered up nicely into 8 x ‘0’ sized capsules.


Now I’m reliably informed that this Hash is carrying 22% THC.  To me that seems a little on the hopeful side; the base product is White Widow, weighing in at 19% max IMHO.  So I’m being cautious yet generous at the same time when I calculate it at 20%.  So 5grams @ 20% = 1000mg – that’s 125mg per capsule.  I’ll be using one per day as the basis of my pain control and general state of mind, and that’s close to my current doseage.


After Use

I’ve been using the capsules for four days now, with the results I hoped would match those of my previous recepie!  I feel like I expect to feel with White Widow Haze, except a little more intense, and I’m impressed enough with the results to consider dropping the dose down even further.  Even now though I’m pleased that I’ve cut my daily medicine bill to less than 3 euros per day from it’s current level of 6 or 7 Euros!

Good result!

Till next time



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  1. good article, I’ve beed Decarboxylating White Widow weed for some time, I didn’t know you could as well do this with hash. is it just white widow you can do with this?
    – Budwiser Loved it!

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