Don’t Bogart that Joint, MP’s tell Boris.

As part of an ever growing pressure-base amongst senior UK Lawmakers, Boris Johnsons’ closest aides have urged him to strongly consider the end of Cannabis prohibition ‘within the forseeable future’.

(Click the pic to get the dope from the UK’s Evening Standard!)

Not an unexpected turn of events, I have to say.  Of course its’ not legitimacy or a sudden realisation that cannabis ‘isn’t that bad after all’.  Western economic needs have pushed institutions ever closer to legalisation over several decades, but no one has been prepared to address the absurd centuries-old legal barriers.  This is true particularly in of United Kingdom, where Draconian attitudes and a heavy-handed approach to punishment have produced a socially ingrained fear of cannabis, in use, or even in conversation.

Slowly, however, UK trademakers have chipped away at the lack of initiative on behalf of the Government, and the softening attitudes amongst a growingly aware and permissive society edge Lawmakers ever closer to finally dropping the prohibition.

The benefits are no longer deniable.  Healthcare, trade and economy, and an improvement in social well-being means that investment in the growth of cannabis related industries will flourish.

So when you’re buying your first legal bagful in Lincoln High Street – thank the Bankers, not the MP’s!

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