Terpenes: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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I was tempted to give this stuff a try after researching how Terpene in cannabis not only gives the distinct aroma and taste to different strains, but are also believed to have a role in therapeutic and psychological effects experienced by the user.

Cannabis Profile Terpenes

Cannabis isn’t the only Terpene carrier.  Every plant carries it, and often the same Terpene is found in a completely different species.  Flavours, colours, scents – they’re all built from essential oils in Terpene.

A ‘Cannabis Profile’ Terpene like the ones I bought are formulated from collected plant matter.  The producers have taken a cannabis plant, analysed the essential oils & Terpene base, and collected the equivalent material from cheaper and more easily accessible sources.

The hype is that you’ll add a drop or two to a bag of old weed, or some cannabis thats’ lost its flavour and zest, and magically this stuff will transform it into a powerful 25% THC Jamaican Dream.

Of course, it doesn’t.

These are not the original elements you’ll find in the plant.  They’re an amalgum of stuff from other sources.

Cannabis Profile Terpenes

The compounds might be right, but the quantities and the ways they’re ‘built in’ to the plant are not.  the biology of White Widow probably doesn’t naturally contain what comes from an OG Kush, so it won’t act upon it chemically.  These compounds have nothing at all to do with cannabis – it just so happens that this combination of ’em smells like weed.

So, all you’re doing is soaking your weed in a bit of perfume and hoping for an improvement in the quality.  Sadly, things don’t work that way.

Don’t look to a cannabis profile Terpene as a magic bullet or a way of getting better results from poor weed.  The only way to make use of the goods any plant was grown with is to use them in that plant.  Anything else is just wishful thinking.

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