Bubblegum – let’s chew this over …

There’s nothing about this particular Bubblegum that puts me in mind of Hubba Bubba.  But it DOES put me ‘in mind’.

Lipsmackin’ Bubblegum!

The name misleads; you’d be forgiven if you thought the name refers to the aroma, or flavour.  Certainly there’s a sweetness, typical of any Haze – but no, not bubblegum.

It’s an Indica, and not only does it help to get the creative juices flowing, it’s also good as an overall relaxant.

First Impressions

I love this strain.  I most emphatically do!  Even though it doesn’t rate particularly high on todays’ accepted THC scale, it does pack the kind of punch you’d expect from a terpine rich Indica, both medicinally and psychoactively, if that’s what you’re after.

It looks beautiful.  My bud was quite dry when I opened up my little green bag.  I never object to dry weed; what I need is inside them little white crystals sprinkled generously around the pale to mid-green leafs.  Those leafs highlight an abundance of orange – often almost red – flashes, making Bubblegum unmistakable in appearance.

Dosage & In the Grinder.

Bubblegum trichomes and Crystals

It grinds quite course; although it’s not particularly sticky, the leaves are fibrous, so don’t expect them to break apart too easily.  Never a problem if you’re popping your toke into a vape-pen (which I most heartily recommend), but if you’re using it to spliff up then a few more extra twists of the grinder lid will pay dividends.

Bubblegum typically carries 17% – 19% THC when activated, and virtually nothing in terms of CBD.  Surprisingly though it delivers a punch you’d expect from a much richer THC source.  I liken it to a softened-down Blueberry, and I’ll often use the two together in a cocktail.

Raw, I’ll be using 1/6th gram per pipeful, probably less if I’m using it as a chaser.


At the hotter end of the vapourising spectrum (around 220c) Bubblegum not only produces a rich, flavoursome cloud, but you’ll be getting close to full entourage, so expect some fairly intense head-rushes as you move towards intoxication.  That’ll come pretty quickly; visuals, audio enhancements, time dilations – they’ll all part and parcel of a Bubblegum intoxication.  You may feel disoriented for a period, but this will pass.

Bubble Gum Haze – no chewin’!

As you level out you’ll notice a sense of happiness, euphoria, and a general feeling of well-being.  The euphoric sensation will manifest as a tightness around your sternum, mid-chest, and as the THC transports it’s payload around you, you’ll notice a body-high.  Yeah, ok, I know, it’s all subjective, but I always try and relate what the research says with the experience I get from a stain.

If your sharing a social evening with friends it’s an excellent way to stimulate a conversation, and be active enough both mentally and physically to enjoy a game or something light heated and sharing.

Expect a good hour or two of respectable highness and body softness.  Drink lots of water; it’s a thirsty strain, and comfort helps it along its’ merry way.


Rich red leaves

Bubblegum offers plenty.  Don’t look to this as an anti-inflammatory, the CBD content is much too low to provide that kind of therapy.  Certainly as a muscle relaxant and general painkiller though, and I use it regularly to help control my symptoms.  It’s a strain for pain.

In Summary

excellent value for money at around 11Euro per gram (Netherlands).  A great high (if that’s what your looking for) or more conservatively a great stress reliever with the added benifit of strong bodily relaxation.

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