The Right Strain at the Right Time – Sativa or Indica?

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Actually, that shouldn’t be a tough call, so long as you remind yourself of these Golden Rules:

Sativa stimulates both mentally and physically

Indica relaxes both mentally and physically.

Ruderalis does virtually nothing.


Yeah, well it’s not always as clear cut as that, and growers spend a lot of time analysing the compounds in many different strains to identify the active components.  You’d have to go deep into the biology of a plant to identify just what stimulates, or which compound relaxes, but generally each root-strain has easily noticable effects.  Indica doesn’t ALWAYS mean laid-back, and Sativa doesn’t have to send you off to la-la land.  Use them right, and life becomes better.

Mornings & Daytime

Sativa generally provides a psychoactive experience, but it doesn’t have to get you ‘stoned’.  Vapourising or otherwise consuming a small amount of a Sativa strain will wake you up, stimulate the mental juices, and provide a kick to your motor-functions.  With light useage you’ll feel active and ready to face the challenges of the day.

Medicinally it’s strong in THC and low in CBD.  That means it helps with stress, anxiety, improves your appetite, and stimulates your dopamine system – the ‘pleasure and reward’ centre.

It’ll also help with chronic pain, increase your seratonin level.  Seratonin is a mental ‘leveler’, regulating your sleep patterns as well as helping you focus and concentrate.

Great for mornings and early afternoons in my humble opinion.

Popular Sativa Strains include:

Amnesia Haze
Ghost Train
Green Crack





Evenings and Night

An Indica can provide a stronger CBD content, although THC levels can be staggeringly high in certain strains.

Indica is known as a mental and physical relaxant, and will help with chronic pain, especially as an anti-inflammatory.  It’s rich in dopamine, so a sense of happiness and calm accompanies the powerful medical effects.

Use an Indica in the evenings or just before bed.  It’s an excellent way of regulating your sleep patterns too, and – well, you’ll dream sweet.

Northern Lights
Strawberry Banana






Ruderalis won’t often be seen on the shelves of a western outlet, although it may pop up unexpectedly in ‘mix’ bags, or as part of a hydrid used specifically by European medicinal cannabis growers, such as Bedrocan.

It’s low in THC and CBD, but it flowers easily, and can be used as a carrier medium for speed up the growth of slow-flowering strains.  Automatic seeds will often have a bit of Ruderalis genetics in there somewhere.

Strains making use of Ruderalis genetics include

Royal Dwarf
Royal Haze







From a personal point of view I see great value in cocktailing Sativa and Indica strains and making daily use of the particular qualities in each.  You can be sure, a post on that very subject will soon appear here!

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