Gorilla Glu – You Too?

Lazy Sunday afternoon, maybe a nap in the garden ..?  No such luck!  I’ve got a ton of washing to fold, cooking to do, demanding wife to entertain – how on earth can I do all that when I should be snoozing!?  Ah, I know – Gorilla Glu!

Now here’s the thing; Gorilla has a reputation for its’ sedative, relaxing nature.  But I don’t find that holds me back from physical activity.

First Impressions.

I’ll hopefully find a moist bud, without it being ‘wet’.  Gorilla Glu is packed with essential oils, so I’d hope it’s gonna be a little sticky when I get it.  A well-stocked bud will be.  But that moisture won’t hold the leafs together, and it’ll readily open up with the heat of my fingers.  It’s one of the few strains I’ve found that actually holds the shape of its leaf, even when dried.

A glistening white sheen, an abundance of crystals – delicate leaves emerge from bold stems.  Shades of yellow, and orange as I go deeper into the foliage.  A most enticing appearance, backed up by a distinctive smell.

My nose is filled with a rich, sharp and tangy aroma.  A skunkiness, and a fresh fruity scent.  This becomes more apparant when I break open the bud; inhale it deeply, it’s a unique and satisfying smell.

Dosage & In the Grinder.

1/6th gram does me well.  It delivers a staggering 28% THC, and as I said earlier it’s full of essential oils and terpenes that carry enviable effects.  Due to the stickyness it grinds into quite a course mix.  The leafs look deceivingly delicate, but they’re tough, so I grind well, especially if I’m using this in a cocktail.

Body-numbing and therefore great for pain control, Gorilla also carries some anti-inflammatory and digestive-assisting qualities, so I don’t rule it out as purely a psychoactive power base.  The higher I dose with this the more intense the initial head rush, but I’ve found that this levels into an ‘I’ve been medicated’ sensation over a couple of hours.  I’m not worried by the high THC, it’s not an alarming or disorientating experience.

Mentioning the head-stuff – uplifting, encouraging, fills me with a willingness to get on with the task in hand.  Vaped low (170c)  I don’t feel couchlocked, although I do feel ‘comfortably numb’.  Vaped high – maybe inclined towards the sofa but – hey, got stuff to do, and there’s more left for later …


OK, folding washing isn’t the most demanding of tasks, but then again I’m not going to use a strain with this strength if I want to get something serious done.  However – it’s Sunday afternoon, and even though I’ve got stuff to do doesn’t mean I can’t feel good while I’m doing it!

Not the cheapest strain here in Holland (around 14 Euro per gram), but cocktailed with maybe a Strawberry Haze it becomes an affordable way of helping with the household tasks.  Even on a Sunday!

Till next time,


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