Girl Scout Cookies: Be Prepared!

I’ve got no hesitation in saying – Girl Scout Cookies gives me the ultimate ‘comfort’ buzz.  Totally convinced.

A fabulous strain that needs exploring.  A fresh, sweet fragrance, and nutty-undertones definately puts you in the mood for a smooth and comfortable high, even if GSK does tend to the strong side.  Typical yield is in the region of 25 – 30% THC and about 2% CBD, so psychoactively and medicinally it’s a delivery powerhouse.

That’s why it’s top of my list as a complete package of pain-relieving psychoactivity.

Sadly my camera isn’t good enough to close in on the fiery orange trichomes jutting out from the lush green foliage, but these snaps should show just how littered these leaves are with shiny-bright crystals.  Use a little steam to hydrate the bud slightly, and those orange flashes will become brighter and better defined, but beware – those crystals will fall easily from the flower, so make sure you’re collecting them all up!


First Impressions

American strains aren’t common in Europe, so I make a point of trying a few bowlfuls whenever I come across an interesting addition to my local Coffeshops’ menu.  GSK has been around for a few months now, and after my very first hit I made a point of stocking up whenever funds allow.

Personally I found vaporising my GSK the most enlightening experience.  Smoking is surely fine, but boiling the bud does tend to allow more of the herbs natural flavour to hit your tastebuds.  Again that lovely sweetness and an unmistakeable earthyness which adds to the deep and lasting flavour.

At the point of sale my bud was dry and compressed.  I generally use a grinder, but I found the heat and moisture from my fingers was enough to open up the flower.  A little goes a long way, both in quantity and effect.  Expect to get 8 – 10 good doses from 1gram.

In the Grinder

It’s potent, and it’s well packed, so edge towards caution when you’re filling your grinder.  Certainly in Europe Cookies generally comes compacted.  I usually pop 1/5th gram into a smoke; with GSK I generally half that.  Like I said, a little goes a long way!


Vaped at 190C Girl Scout Cookies produces a rich, flavoursome vapour.  Actually ‘cookies’ isn’t something I get from this strain.  A nutty, fruity taste, certainly, and perhaps a little citrus vibe in the background, but for me at least, no cookies!

It didn’t take much inhalation to discover GSK’s ‘high-biased’ potential.  An immediate cereberal kick, followed soon by enhanced visuals as a smooth body-high creeps in.

By the end of my pipeful I was torn between couchlock and dancing.  Couchlock won, but my imagination ran freely.  Long periods of thought and reflection accompany a desire to create – Cookies can take your imagination and run with it!

Don’t underestimate the potency.  Even with a stupid-high tolerance like mine I found that one vape session was enough.  Certainly for a while.  It’s hard to quantize high into time, but I’d say my initial buzz lasted for around 45 minutes, after which time I chased the GSK with a few tokes of Strawberry Haze; a perfect accompaniment.


Coupled with the psychoactive effects comes a welcoming pain relieving numbness, thanks to a decent CBD content traveling along with its’ THC carrier.  As someone who suffers from a chronic disease, my first consideration in any strain is in the therapeutic and pain relieving qualities it has to offer.  Girl Scout Cookies dissapoints nowhere.

After moments from the first inhalation I experienced a relaxation in my ‘core-pain’ areas, the places where I tend to hurt the most.  This relaxation progressed into a full body-stoned numbness, long lasting and relaxing.  The analgaesic qualities seemed to last much longer than the psychoactive high, hour and a half of comfort I’d say.


This is the gear.  States-side buyers probably know this strain well, so if you’re outside the US and get the chance to try a GSK bud or two then you shouldn’t miss that chance!

All the best



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