High Tolerance? Live with it!

I’m not the only one with an incredibly high tolerance.  Long periods of heavy use bring this inevitable barrier, and apart from periodic abstinence there’s little one can do to change that.

Being an experienced medicinal user, I know my disease-treatment and pain-control needs, and even if my psychoactive tolerance were lower I’d still need to use regular,  high CBD/THC doses, purely to satisfy my diseases.  Abstinence isn’t an option for me, and I’ve been using high doses for around a year.

Constantly Stoned?

And by implication that’s what this means.  When you’ve swamped yourself to the limit of your CB receptors, your high can rise no further, but there’s still the need to update your pain-control.  Sure, you’ll make more receptors, and they do empty out over time, but eventually you reach a point where your high becomes your normality, and the aspects of the strains you use become part of your daily operation.  Bit of a concept to get your head around maybe, but if you’ve experienced this for yourself you’ll understand.

Is that a Bad?

For me, no, but it is a subjective thing, and it’s more about how a user handles his high than the amount he uses to get it.  I operate normally, my work has never suffered, never had any social problems, and I feel as if I experience my life at an elevated level pretty much all the time.

My mind isn’t befuddled like it used to be when I used recreationally, and although that’s one of the attractions of a nice relaxing buzz, maintaining a high tolerance brings instead a clarity of thought, an ability to organise myself mentally.  And I operate on the bodily warmth I’d otherwise need to get from a Vicodin, and the physical energy of a man half my age.

I’ve noticed the change in effects I experience from cannabis after a year of high use.  The euphoric qualities of my strains are with me always, I’ve never felt so positive, focused, and – happy.

Don’t I Wobble?

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that 1500mg THC per day would make you unsteady, slow, clumsy – maybe even lethargic, but I experience no clumsiness or lack of co-ordination.  Unsteady on my feet – yes – but that’s a result of having no arterial bloodflow in my lower body.  Every step is a journey for me, and friends and colleagues forgive me if I lose traction from time to time.  But no, I don’t flop over into a giggling, uncontrollable heap.

In fact my high dosage directly helps me cope with my illness, which involves heavy physical exercise that simply has to be done, and my cannabis helps me ‘go for it – and you know what, I’ll even help your pain while you do’.

Completely Positive?

I watched a video recently featuring Rick Simpson, the legendary medical-use pioneer, in which he strongly advocated high doses of THC – as much as you can get.  He pretty much predicted the state-of-mind I’ve now come to appreciate, and now that I have I don’t think I could ever go back.  If there was a magical cure for my disease(s) – well, thanks for that – but I feel that continual high application has helped ‘evolve’ me on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Can’t tell YOU to go out and do it, that’s for you to decide, but from my experience, the expected and stereotypical effects of cannabis disappear over three or four months, and the person I’ve become is ever closer to being the best possible version of me, and one that I actually really like being!

Till next time,


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