Cannabis Extracts for the Informed Consumer: Solvent or Solventless

As cannabis markets continue to gain traction, inconsistent and largely unpredictable markets have left recreational consumers in an informational fog. Try as the industry may, or may not to inform consumers, the lack of knowledge was evident when an established Colorado hash company opened a second operation in California. Expecting high demand for their solventless […]

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Weed in a Cartridge – How the Arcpod will aim to compete with Vape Pens

As has been noted as of late, vape pens can house many potentially harmful design features. Flaws, however, can be blamed less on cheap cartridges and more on unregulated, processed derivatives. TVAPE is hoping their upcoming dry-herb cartridge, the Arcpod, will help everyone make an easy transition back to the basics. They themselves have reset […]

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