I Tried the Burger at America’s First Cannabis Cafe, and It Was the Best Thing on the Menu

America’s first-ever cannabis cafe in West Hollywood, California, opened its doors to significant fanfare. The Original Cannabis Cafe, formerly known as the Lowell Cafe, operates just like a normal restaurant, complete with servers and an extensive food menu created by chef Andrea Drummer. When I first heard about the cafe, I thought that the food […]

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Culinary Cannabis: Opportunities for Grocery Prepared Foods

Grocers, how would you like to sell pizzas for $75 apiece? The day may come when you can, though Raul Molina doesn’t expect it anytime soon. Molina is already selling pizzas for that price, along with burgers, wings and other fresh-prepared foods offered in his café. Molina is a partner at Mint Dispensary in Tempe, […]

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What’s Potting: Cannabis Recipes to Try

A female-focused online cannabis platform KushKush is creating a space for lady-stoners to share in recreational and medicinal cannabis enthusiasm and to try some amazing products while they’re at it. Offering advice on all things canna related, like growing, eating and treating to beauty, KushKush also stocks a variety of unique high-quality products. These are […]

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