The Roll-Up #113: Vitamin E oil and Honey Cut

Uncategorized Bruce BarcottNovember 8, 2019   Share   Print A jar of Honey Cut obtained on Craigslist for testing by SC Labs in Sept. 2019. The vape juice cutting agent consisted of 95% tocopheryl-acetate. Industrial chemicals manufacturers warn against inhaling the substance. (Courtesy of SC Labs) Leafly Podcast The Roll-Up features co-hosts Bruce Barcott, Ben Adlin, […]

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Cannabis, the Herb of Saturn

CANNABIS CULTURE – Alchemist, like magicians, were deeply influenced by the Kabbalah and Hermetic arts, and this included astrology. Every conceivable plant, animal, metal and mineral, was given to the dominion of the planets above. Cannabis, in this case appears with other psychoactive plants,  in a number of alchemically influenced herbals, and magical texts, under […]

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